Who makes STEPBible


STEP Bible started in 2011 as a project of Tyndale House, Cambridge UK
    with Directors:  Dr Peter Williams,  Dr David Instone-Brewer,  and Dr Dale Brueggemann
Christopher Burrell did most of the programming as Head of software development

The CrossWire community helped by providing most of the hosted Bibles and commentaries, and the core software that reads these Bible modules.
Valuable datasets have been made available by SIL, Logos, OnlineBible and Teknia and others 

Bible publishers supported this creation of free software for free distribution to the disadvantaged world, 
    especially in the early days: Biblica, Crosswire, ApostolicBible, Lockman, and others 

In 2020 STEPBible became Charitable Independent Organisation #1193950 in Cambridge UK 
    with Trustees David Instone-Brewer, Patrick Tang, Mark Cannon, and Kevin Weeks. 


Many people have contributed time, expertise or money. 

The following have agreed to be mentioned by name and there are many more.

There are lots of interesting tasks - so contact us and join the team.

  • Abbie Chidwick, Alex Duncan, Andrew Login, Ben Morgan, Ben Wilkinson, Cai Talvio, Charles L. Echols, Claire Skrine, Colin Bell, Dave Eaves, David Haslam, David Morgan, Elizabeth Joy, Fred Smith, Gheorghe-Luca Ciprian, Glenn Clayton, Heather Goodman, Helen Woolcock, Ian Saunders, Ife Ogunleye, James Armitage, Jason Brooks, Jim West, John Hutton, John Jones, Joseph H.S. Lee, Keith Nye, Kirsty Borthwick, Laurel Pinske, Lina Munro, Luke Forty, Luke Griffiss-Williams, Paul Bailie, Phil Church, Peter Henry, Pr Art Bolstad, Rebecca Annan, Rev. David C. Royer, Rob Bradshaw, Ronald E. Empleton, Russell S. Morton, Sarah Adams, Steffen Jenkins, Sue Conboy, Tim Bulkeley, Tim Totton, Tristan Navarro, Una Herbage, Walter Lamberti, Wesley Rose, Will Timmins, Yonghua Ge, Yunmei Li
Those recently working on the project:

Andrew H. Wallermainly UI using React etc
Andy Edmundmainly Manuscripts & Meanings
Andy Woodyattmainly User testing
Anthony ‘Jamie’ Jamieson     mainly Modules, reversification
Brandon Bellowsmainly User testing
Charles Lodermainly Manuscripts & Meanings
Chris Burrellmainly advice re legacy programmer
Chris Lynnmainly mobile programming
Chris Metzmainly Bible Engine
Dan Bennettmainly mobile app programming
Darcy McKinnonmainly Linux & servers
David Instone-Brewermainly data development
Galen Goldsmithmainly Manuscripts & Meanings
Gary Auld (Butch)mainly Names data
Jim Barrmainly promotion
Jonathan Boydmainly Greek-Spanish lexicon
Françoise Mesimainly Greek-French lexicon
Ken Hubbardmainly User Guides
Kevin Weeksmainly UI & CSS
Louis Klaudermainly data correction
Mark Cannonmainly feedback & user engagement
Michael M Singhmainly Hindi & testing
Nathan Reesmainly Greek glosses
Patrick Tangmainly programming & Chinese
Ron Empletonmainly Manuscripts & Meanings
Ron Richardsmainly servers
Scott Manessmainly Hebrew-Spanish lexicon
Stéphane MLCmainly advice re BibleStrong
Troy Griffittsmainly advice re JSword
Uk Chukundahmainly Java programming