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All the commentaries accessible through STEPBible are in the Public Domain/copyright free.


Abbott - Illustrated New Testament (1878)
John S. C. Abbott and Jacob Abbott
Detailed exposition
Electronic edition by Ernie Stefanik

Barnes - Barnes' New Testament Notes (1830's)
Albert Barnes
Detailed exposition

Burkitt - Burkitt's Expository Notes (1700-1703)
William Burkitt
Devotional thoughts

Clarke - Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible (1810-1825)
Adam Clark
Commentary and critical notes on the Bible, brief notes

DTN - Darby Translation Notes (1884)
Notes to J.N. Darby's Translation of the Bible
Word studies

Family - Family Bible Notes
Family Bible Notes from the Nazarene Users Group
New Testament brief notes

Geneva - Geneva Bible Translation Notes
Geneva Bible - translated by Reformed scholars in Geneva about 50 years before the KJV

JFB - Jamieson Fausset Brown Bible Commentary (1871)
Critical and explanatory commentary on the whole Bible, prepared by Robert Jamieson, Andrew Robert Fausset and David Brown

KD - Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament
Karl Friedrich Keil (1807-1888) & Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890) published this 10 volume commentary on the Old Testament in 1864, in German and soon thereafter in English.

Lightfoot - John Lightfoot Commentary
A Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
By John Lightfoot (1602 - 1675)

Luther - Luther's Commentary on Selected Bible Passages
Martin Luther's (1483 -1546) commentary, based on material from various sources.

MHC - Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible
Matthew Henry's (1662 - 1714) exhaustive, six volume, verse-by-verse commentary. Completed by him up to the end of Acts, and finished by his colleagues from his manuscripts.

MHCC - Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
An abbreviated, one volume version of his Complete Commentary

PNT - The People's New Testament (1891)
By Barton W Johnson

RWP - Robertson's Word Pictures
A.T. Robertson, A.M., D.D., LL. D., Litt.D.
A  New Testament verse-by-verse word study reference (six volumes, 1930 - 1933)

Scofield - Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 Edition
Based on the version at with formatting changes and corrections

Spurious - Tischendorf's Spurious Passages of the GNT
Tischendorf's Spurious Passages of the Greek New Testament
Based on material from

TDavid - C. H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David
First published in weekly installments over a twenty-year span in the London Metropolitan Tabernacle's periodical, The Sword and the Trowel. As each section was completed it was published as a volume until the seventh and final volume was released in 1885.  Psalms - Malachi

TFG - The Fourfold Gospel and Commentary on Acts of Apostles
The Fourfold Gospel or A Harmony of the Four Gospels, by J. W. McGarvey, LL.D. and Philip Y. Pendleton, A.B.

 And, Commentary on Acts of Apostles, with Revised Edition of the Text, by J. W. McGarvey. (1863, 1882), resulting in a complete chronological life of Christ, divided into titled sections and subdivisions, with comments injected in the text; especially designed for the use of Sunday-school teachers and advanced pupils.

TSK - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
Five-hundred thousand scripture references and parallel passages by Canne, Browne, Blayney, Scott, and others about 1880

Wesley - John Wesley's Notes on the Bible
First published in 1755 the work went through five editions in Wesley's lifetime. Wikipedia
John Wesley

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