Getting Started

This section introduces you to STEPBible and shows you some first steps in using it.

  • Quick Overview
  • Video Guides
  • The STEPBible Interface
  • Setting your Language
  • Download STEPBible for Offline Use

Quick Overview

STEPBible provides numerous tools for exploring the Bible, in many versions, in many languages, and for digging into the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

Video Guides

You can view videos about STEPBible here, or by links to YouTube.

The STEPBible Interface

STEPBible gives you access to its Bibles, commentaries, and word study helps through a simple interface.

Setting your Language

The first step in using STEPBible:  set your language.  Here's how.

Download STEPBible for Offline Use

You can download STEPBible to your computer to use it offline.