Volunteering and Supporting

  • English language speakers
  • Non-English language speakers
  • Programmers
  • Social Evangelists and Testers

Giving Time

The software and resources in STEPBible are all built by volunteers
Volunteers have many different types of skill and there is something for almost anyone. So if you have 5 hours or more a week available, please contact us.

We have openings for people with a variety of skillsets:
* general knowledge of the Bible and English
* good knowledge of English and editing
* good general Bible knowledge (without Greek or Hebrew)
* good knowledge of Greek or Hebrew
* programming skills in Javascript and/or Java

English language speakers:

Write and edit articles for the forthcoming encyclopedia (see the example here - but note that a complex example has been chosen deliberately)
If you also know some Greek and Hebrew there are many other projects you could get involved with.
Tell us about your skills and interests
. There are many other data projects on the go, and you might have ideas we haven't thought of. 
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Non-English language speakers

We want to provide STEP in many different languages. In order to achieve this, we require people who are willing to translate buttons, menus, help messages (see here)
We are also creating brief lexicons in various languages, such as SpanishFrenchBulgarian, and any other language you'd like to get working on - ask us to set it up
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The project at is a combination Java and Javascript using JQuery with roughly 50/50 split and a bit of HTML/CSS.
The offline STEPBible app in the Android & Apple stores is based on React. 
Tell us about your skills and interests. We have a small and enthusiastic team who will be very pleased to explore ideas with you. 

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Social Evangelists and Testers

There are many other areas where we need volunteers.
Spreading the word especially in the missionary communities who often feel isolated and neglected
Help test the software, raise bugs to improve functionality, suggest improvements, etc.
(This task requires lack of experience because we want to see how newbies react.)

If you'd like to help, by suggesting ideas, volunteering time or other support, please email
We especially like to hear about how you are using the tool, and which features you like best. 

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