STEPBible supplies help with the Bible's original languages (Hebrew/Greek) for every Bible version.

STEPBible displays these helps in the Original Word tab, the leftmost tab (identified by an   i  icon) in the Right Sidebar, for every Bible version. 

In addition, some Bible versions have enhanced original language help, as described at the second illustration below.

You can access/activate the Original Word tab by clicking any verse number in the Bible text to open a Vocabulary Pop-Up Window for that verse. 

Note: to use this function, you must have Verse numbers checked under Display options and Verse vocabulary checked under General options in the Options menu (the cog-shaped icon on the right under the Find Bar). 

Click on any word in the Vocabulary Pop-Up Window to display expanded vocabulary information in the Original Word tab of the STEPBible Sidebar.

Enhanced Original Language Help

Choosing a Bible version with a "V" (Vocabulary) or a "G" (Grammar) on the line to its right in the Bible selection drop-down list, will additionally give you access to a live display of lexical help for the word currently under your cursor in the Bible text display.  Click any word to display expanded vocabulary information in the Original Word tab of the STEPBible Sidebar.

Review the User Guide chapter Original Language Tools for details about using these helps.

For any selected (clicked on) word in the Bible text, the Original Word tab will display information about:
  • Word analysis
  • Meaning (contextual definitions), with meanings shown in bold,  
  • LSJ Dictionary, (an adapted Classical Greek Lexicon) results, with grammatical terms italicized. Additionally, you can hover over blue text (link color) for associated information.
  • Related words, displays links to words with shared semantic features.  
  • For Bible versions with a "G" (Grammar) on the line to their right in the Bible selection drop-down list, the Original Word tab will also display Grammar details.

Dictionaries available for Greek:

  • Basic Glosses (Vocab) are brief meanings from the Teknia Greek Dictionary, by William D. Mounce, Phd.
  • Intermediate definitions (Meaning) are from the Teknia Greek Dictionary, by William D. Mounce, Phd.
  • Advanced lexical entries (LSJ) are from the Full Liddell, Scott and Jones, 9th Edition (LSJ Dictionary) with additional dates and formatting by Tyndale House.

Dictionaries available for Hebrew and Aramaic:

  • Basic Glosses (Vocab) are brief meanings by Tyndale scholars
  • Intermediate definitions (Meaning) are from the Abridged Brown, Driver and Briggs by, incorporating material from J. Green's A Concise Lexicon of the Biblical Languages (CLBL) and Harris, Archer, & Waltke's Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT) - with permission. 
  • Advanced lexical entries are from the full Brown, Driver and Briggs with additional formatting by Tyndale House  (in preparation).